25+ Best Telegram Channels for Books (Books Mania)(MF Mix eBooks)

Best Telegram Channels for Books: Reading books is an excellent habit or hobby. Nowadays most people like to read eBooks on their own devices and mobile are the main way to read eBooks. But, it can be difficult to find free eBooks resources online. Telegram Channels are a great place to read your favorite eBooks absolutely free of cost. This post provides you a list of the best Telegram Channels that contain eBooks.

Best Telegram Channels for Books
Best Telegram Channels for Books

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List of best channels available on Telegram for Books:

Books Mania - Join Link

  • More than eighty a thousand users are following this channel. You can found PDF Books, Videos, CDs, and more. It lets you download it on your device directly from the Telegram channel. In addition to Books, you can utilize this channel to improve your English language. This channel will post Vocabulary, idioms & phrases and etc related to English on daily basis.

Bestsellers Book  - Join Link

  • You can download the most popular fiction books in English through this Telegram channel. Every day the collection is exposed by world literary blockbusters from well-known publishers and bestsellers. Recently released books by this channel are Cold Waters by Debbie Herbert, The Perfect Dress by Carolyn Brown, and Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine.

MF Mix eBooks - Join Link

  • This channel is an absolute destination for all types of eBooks like magazines, novels, education, comics, audio disclaimers, and more. You can get the content in English as well as Hindi on this channel.

Ophthalmology Books - Join Link 

  • You can get all kinds of books related to ophthalmology on this channel. Presently, this channel has more than 54k subscribers. All contents are available in PDF format so you can easily download the eBooks on your device from Telegram directly.

EBooks & Magazines for civil services - Join Link

  • This channel is created exclusively for civil service students. You can get all the essential books and magazines for preparing civil service examinations absolutely free of cost.

EBooks Only - Join Link

  • This is a dedicated channel for multilingual content collected from books, videos, magazines, audios, groups, and channels. This channel gives you everything about the books you are looking for. The collection in this channel will be very useful for you and this is a library of all books in one place.

EBooks Kindle  - Join Link

  • On this channel, you can discover new flash deals and free eBooks of Amazon’s Kindle. You can download the books available on this channel in PDF format on your device.

Motivism - Join Link

  • This channel broadcasts inspiring and motivating e-books, thoughts, and images. More than 40k users of Telegram is following this channel. If you feel stressed, then you can make use of this channel to get rid of it.

Books for IAS - Join Link

  • It is essential that all the study materials are in one place while preparing for the UPSC exams. Books for IAS, a telegram channel, contains all books and PDFs which are important for preparing for UPSC exams. In addition to those books, you can also get some books recommended by the channel that will be very helpful for your exam.

PDF Basket -Join Link 

  • PDF Basket is solely created for preparing for competitive exams. You can use this channel for preparing various competitive exams like GATE, IBPS, RRB, UPSC, State PSC, RRB NTPC, Civil Services and SSC preparation.

Books Top, Summary, Self Help - Join Link

  • Would now no longer it’s awesome if you may simplest take essential statistics from masses of beneficial books? This channel is the essence of it.

A Complete Library - Join Link

  • This channel contains International and national books, Novels, Magazines, and eBooks, and all those are available in PDF.

Magazine’s World - Join Link

  • This channel gives you all books available around the world. On this channel, you can find books in many languages like English, Hindi, French, Tamil, Telugu, Spanish, etc and in many categories like Engineering, Sports, Medical, Science & Technology, etc.

 Free Medical Books -Join Link

  •  These Telegram channels provide you all books related to medical for free.

Traders Library - Join Link

  • Traders Library is created especially for traders. You can get more than five thousand books through this channel if want to learn about Stock Market.

Fiction Land - Join Link

  • If you are interested in Fiction then find this channel on telegram. Once you locate this channel on Telegram, I am sure you will enter into the amazing world of books.

English books for Kids - Join Link

  • This channel could be very useful to enhance a child’s mental health. Here, all books are available in a downloadable PDF layout.

Self Help Books - Join Link

  • You can locate self-assist books right here that will help you deal with life’s issues. And this is the first and oldest channel that created mainly for self-help books on Telegram.

Gate Exam Books & Materials - Join Link

  • You can get all books and pdfs related to the GATE exam in all streams like Physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, biotechnology, mechanical, electrical, biomedical and more.

Personality DevelopmentJoin Link

  • This is a telegram channel for personality development and this channel was created solely for education purposes.

Fiction land 18+ -Join Link 

  •  EBooks that are not suitable for minors are published on this channel.

English Audio Books  - Join Link

  • If you feel bored while reading books, you can try this channel to enjoy books in audio format. This channel will keep you updated with new audiobooks every week.

Audible Suno - Join Link

  •  Audible Suno contains Stories in audible format, self-help audiobooks, Podcast, Spotify, etc and all the contents available in this channel are taken from the Telegram app.

Oxford Bookworm Collection - Join Link

  • The Oxford Bookworm Collections and unrestricted English Audiobooks are available on this Channel.

Engineering EBooks - Join Link

  • All engineering-related books are available here. You can find engineering books in all streams like Civil, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science, Mechanical, Chemistry, Physics and more and more.

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Concluding Words: 

So this is the list of the top 25 telegram channels available especially for books. Telegram Channels are great sources for reading books for free so you do not need to spend a single penny to read. Moreover, you don’t need to pay for online services such as Amazon Kindle because you can access each and every e-book available on the internet in Telegram through the above-listed channels. You just need to spend a few minutes finding the book you want.

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