Best Telegram Channels for UPSC Exam (NCERT/Parivarthan)

Best Telegram Channels for UPSC: UPSC is one of the toughest exams in India. UPSC education online and offline are the 2 methods via way of means of which students prepare. Many states have set up education centers to train students for UPSC exams like Delhi. Nowadays, most of the UPSC coaching centers in India are conducting their classes online. That’s because many aspirants prefer online coaching over offline for pretty some reasons. The main reason to prefer online classes is that it is fee effective and can be accessed anywhere at any time. Students can analyze from the consolation in their domestic and keep away from the hustle-bustle of traveling. These days you could get to recognize the best telegram channels for the preparation of UPSC.

Best Telegram Channels for UPSC

You may be wondering why I use Telegram when there are so many social media like Youtube and Whatsapp are given the same. Because, Telegram binds lakh number of aspirants in one place with experts in this field, which helps you to get some recommendation for your preparation to quickly succeed in the UPSC exam.

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What are the benefits you will get by joining these channels:

There are lots and lots of channels for each foremost and optional subject for the civil provider exam.

  • You can clear your doubts by asking the specialists and experts from throughout the country.
  • These channels keep you updated with questions and issues relevant to your subject that are probably very useful in your planning.
  • These channels will help you to save priceless time and effort. You could keep valuable effort and time and get your reaction in your observe-associated query inside a to remember of seconds.
  • The motive why these channels have been so rich is because of the top-notch materials it has produced. Now, aside from this provider, UPSC aspirants who choose online instructions cannot take gain of the touch with the toppers and so forth all through their respective tests. 
  • The first place winners or toppers of the respective exams chat with the aspirants who want to crack those exams and share their experience, thoughts, training tips, and more.

Best channels available on Telegram for UPSC:

Study IQ:

Study IQ is the country’s main training provider. This channel has virtually revolutionized the Indian Coaching industry with more than five million subscribers on YouTube. It gives a normal evaluation of current affairs together with quite a few different contents. This channel provides its content in Hindi as well as English. In addition to current affairs, you can get notes for various exclusive subjects like Maths, Reasoning and general science. However, a sizable quantity of materials and YouTube hyperlinks discover it more difficult to look for applicable material while required. 

Join: Study IQ

Coursavy Pledge:

More than 10k members are following this channel on Telegram. As with the previous channel, Coursavy Pledge also conducts its classes on Youtube. Here, you can revise current affairs by writing answers. I think this is probably the only channel that can do that.  

Aspirants will evaluate their solutions to put in writing development on a normal foundation via evaluating their solutions to the topper’s solutions. In addition, pinnacle applicants can earn a scholarship for the subsequent batches. 

Join: Coursavy Pledge

Study for Civil Services:

One of India’s maximum revolutionary channels is Study for Civil Services gives needed study materials to learn optional subjects on their YouTube channel. This channel had three optional courses in political science and foreign affairs, including public administration and Hindi at the time of publication.

Apart from these, you can get NCERT materials, and moreover, it includes magazines together with Yojana and Kurukshetra. If you would love to devise optional topics, that is the proper platform for you. 

Join: Study for Civil Services

Desire IAS:

You can get all newspapers PDF through this Telegram channel. They additionally provide you current affairs every day, each in Hindi and in English. Desire IAS channel allows you to download the newspapers for free of cost. Apart from current affairs, different subjects also are covered, inclusive of the mapping of prelims in addition to the important thing ones.

Join: Desire IAS


It is a complete package for the guidance of presidency tests. If you want to crack the exam as soon as possible, this is the most suitable channel for you, where you can get all the essential materials. From taking a look at the collection to month-to-month CA compilations, this channel bars all of them. In addition, you’ll get each day suggestions from the toppers together with many different materials. The best disadvantage is that there are quite a few materials to pick out from and this will result in confusion.

Join: PDF4Exams 

Target UPSC- The Lead You Need

Innovatively, this channel gives records inside the shape of charts and images, making it simpler to understand and keep records—assisting withinside the mains to reply to writing. In addition to the diagrams, the channel is a gold mine of quotations and feedback made by acknowledged personalities. For general studies paper, you can use these quotations to boost your mark.

Join: Target UPSC- The Lead You Need

Some other best telegram channels for UPSC

In addition to the ones listed above, there is a considerable number of Telegram channels available for UPSC preparation. These channels also have an awesome achievement in terms of goals and users. Some other best telegram channels are 

  • UPSC Test Series 
  • Project UPSC
  • UPSC Materials
  • UPSC Answer Writing
  • Bright Future
  • My Notes Adda
  • UPPCS 2021
  • Parivarthan
  • Indian Books
  • The Hindu Zone
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • UPSC Mains GS
  • Indian Books

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