How to Join a Telegram Group Chat or Telegram Channel?

Telegram Group chat or Telegram Channel: Telegram is privacy centered messaging application that works slightly differently than its counterparts. For example, in addition to groups, it also has channels and, unlike Whatsapp, Telegram has a search feature to find these groups and channels. Telegram groups and channels are both different from each other and also designed for different purposes. In this post, we are going to show you how to find and join these Telegram groups and channels.

How to join a Telegram Group chat
How to join a Telegram Group chat

How to join a Telegram Group (5 Methods):

  • How to find groups on Telegram.
  • How to join a group on Telegram.
  • How to find a telegram channel.
  • How to join a Telegram channel.
  • How to send invites link to telegram channels and groups.

How to find groups on Telegram:

There are two types of groups in Telegram private groups and public groups. There are private groups you cannot find or join unless you are invited or added. You can only join such groups if you have the full option of the group creator or administrator. All groups designed just for friends and family members are by default Private group. You are allowed to change the group in ‘Group Settings’ from the public to private and vice versa. Actually, Private groups have long and complex URLs that you can share to invite new members to your group. Public groups can have custom URLs that are easy to remember and share. You can find the public groups on Telegram, but only if you know the group’s real name or username. Otherwise, ask the group’s admin or creator to send an invitation or add you to groups.

  • To find a public group, go to the main interface of Telegram and click on the search icon at the upper right corner of the screen. 
How to join a Telegram Group chat
How to join a Telegram Group chat 
  • Type the public group name which you wish to join. You should view the group name which you wish to join at top of the search results. 
  • Now, you need to join the group once you have got the result for what you have looking for. Let see the procedure to join the groups

How to join a group on Telegram:

We found that there are two types of groups in Telegram. We also looked at how to find them in the case of public groups. Private groups are not apparent. 

  • If you want to join a public group you need to first search for the group name using the search icon on the main screen on Telegram. 
  • Then, click on the group name which you are looking for from the search results. It will take you to the group interface that will show you the recent chats of that group. 
  • You can see the ‘Join’ option at the bottom of the same screen, just click on it. Everyone who is in the group will see the message announcing the new member of the group. All group members will get notifications when someone leaves the group.
How To Join Telegram Group
How To Join Telegram Group
  • If you have been invited through a link to join a group, simply click on the same link which you have received. It will automatically open the telegram group and just tap on ‘Join’.

How to find a telegram channel:

  • Telegram channels are not much different than the groups. This is why the basic algorithm remains the same and some of the steps are mutually exclusive. 
  • For example, channels can be as private or as public as like groups in Telegram. The steps to finding these channels are also the same. 
How to find a telegram channel
How to find a telegram channel
  • If the channels are private you will not find them in the search results. If you know the channel name, find them on telegram using the search feature. 

How to join a Telegram channel:

  1. Telegram will not display any notifications when you join or exit the channel, unlike groups in Telegram. 
  2. Only the admin or creator of the channel can send progress notifications to any subscribers. There are separate groups for channels on Telegram, which you can use if you want to discuss. 
  3. Once you find a public channel, open it from the search results and tap the ‘Join’ button at the bottom of the screen for being a subscriber of that channel. 
How To Join Telegram Channel
How To Join Telegram Channel
  • If you have the invite link of channels, just click on the channel link that will start the Telegram app with the channel ready to join. Just tap on the ‘Join’ button. That’s it.

How to send invites link to telegram channels and groups:

The procedure to send invites links to groups and channels is the same. In order to share a link, you need to first open the channel or group which you want to share with others. 

  • Then, tap on the channel name or group name to see the information about that channel or group. 
  • Here, you will see the invite link along with some other info. Simply tap on the invite link that will show familiar share options at bottom of the screen as a pop-up.
  • Choose an option like Whatsapp, Bluetooth, or contacts where you wish to share the telegram group or channel. And then follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

Final Words:

So this was about how to find and join a group and channel on Telegram. This social messaging application, Telegram, is very secure and unique and offers so many better features when compared to other such applications. The ability to create large groups and channels with thousands of members is unprecedented and is considered a milestone achievement of Telegram. This is the reason why many users prefer Telegram over Whatsapp. Once you create a channel or group, then you can assign different management roles to other members to help manage large channels and groups.  Bots can be scheduled to perform specific tasks, which automate daily and routine management activities.

I hope this post has answered your questions and doubts about Telegram Channels and groups, how to find, how to join, and how to share them with your friends or others. The process to find and join the groups and channels is very simple.

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