How to Fix This Channel Cannot be Displayed on Telegram

The channel cannot be displayed on Telegram: Telegram is one of the best and most popular chattings, messaging, or communication applications for android, iOS, and desktop or laptop. Nowadays, Telegram is liked by a lot of people around the world because it comes with many extra features when compared to other such applications. It has more than 200 million users around the globe. The data in Telegram are end–to–end.

How to fix this channel cannot be displayed on Telegram
How to fix this channel cannot be displayed on Telegram

for both admin and subscribers. Telegram’s Bots feature lets you integrate with other software and also allows you to make payments. One of the best things about Telegram is their encryption and privacy-friendly options so that they keep users safe for years to come. Most importantly, the refusal to work with governments and the handing over the user data by Telegram made the app very popular among people who give importance to their privacy.

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How do you solve this channel cant be displayed in telegram:

This instant messaging application is stable and reliable but it has some issues. Currently, the main issue facing many users of Telegram is that ‘This channel cannot be displayed’. Now, this Telegram issue is a big problem for many Telegram users, basically, it is not the telegram developer’s fault; it’s the users’ fault because first, you need to know why your channel cannot be displayed on Telegram. Basically, you face this issue when any person who uses your Telegram channel registers their complaint about your channel by clicking on the ‘Report” from the menu option (three-dot icon) at the right corner. If so many users perform similar actions, your channel will be blocked by Telegram officials.

Fix the issue using the Nicegram app and Orbot (2 Methods):

  1. Fix this issue using Orbot.
  2. Fix the issue using the Nicegram app.

Fix ‘this channel can’t be displayed’ issue on Telegram:

It can’t be resolved in an official way, but here I have some tricks for you. Here, I will explain the steps to resolve this channel that cannot be displayed on the Telegram issue in two different methods.

Method 1: 
Fix the issue using the Nicegram app:

If you want to get out of this issue, just follow all the steps given below on your device and then check if the issue on Telegram is resolved or not. You need to install the additional application on your device in order to get rid off of the issue ‘This channel cannot be displayed’. Let me explain the steps.

Nicegram app Install
Nicegram app Install

Step 1: First of all, Open the Play Store on your device and then search for the Nicegram app using its search feature.
Step 2: Once you found the app on the play store, you need to just click on the ‘Install’ option.
Step 3: After the installation was completed successfully, open the app on your device and login into the app using your mobile number.
Step 4: At this point, you need to just minimize the Nicegram app and open the Telegram application on the same device.
Step 5: You have received the verification code on Telegram and note it down or simply copy the code.
Step 6: Enter that verification code on the Nicegram app in the respective box and then click on ‘Continue’ 
Step 7: Next, click on ‘Allow’ to give permission to access your device’s feature. Then again minimize the Nicegram app after completing all setup processes.
Step 8: Go back to the Telegram app and search for ‘Nicegram Bot’. Once you found this on Telegram, open it and enable the two settings from the Telegram app.
Enable Nicegram Bot
 Enable Nicegram Bot

Step 9: After doing all the above steps, you just need to uninstall the Telegram app and install it again from the play store. Open Telegram and check if the issue is resolved. 

If this problem is fixed, do not worry and enjoy using Telegram, check my second method if this problem is not fixed yet. Keep in mind, Nicegram app will not be available on the Play store sometimes. In such cases, you need to download the Nicegram APK from the internet. Search for Nicegram APK on Google. Then choose any website from the results, which will give the app free of cost. You can download the APK file of the Nicegram app easily from that website. It is third-party software so you might change some settings options on your device. 

Go to Settings on your phone and then locate and open the security option from the list. From there, you need to enable the Unknown resources option. By enabling this option, you are allowing your device to install a third-party app on your device and now you can install the Nicegram app on your phone.

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Method 2: 

Fix this issue using Orbot :

Step 2: Once you successfully downloaded and set up the robot app, simply run the app on your device. 
Orbot app
 Orbot App 

Step 3: Then you have to turn on the VPN mode. Once you enable the VPN mode, the start button should be automatically pressed.
Step 4: At this point, you need to choose any proxy servers. It is better to select Global (Auto) and select the country name from the list.

Enable the VPN Mode
Enable the VPN Mode

Step 5: Now, Minimize the app and do not close it completely. Then open the Telegram app and try to open the channel that cannot be displayed to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

If you want to close the orbot app completely, click the three dots menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen and tap exit after turning off the VPN mode and then click the stop button.

Final Words:

If the above two methods do not work for you, then you should read the Policy or Terms and Conditions of Telegram on its official website because Telegram strict policy and you should know about it. You can sort out the issues of your Telegram channel by visiting the Telegram Support page. You just need to visit to contact the officials of Telegram. After visiting the page, describe the issue of your channel along with its name. They will review your issue and if they found any solution for your problem, they give you instructions to solve the issue within 24 hours. I hope the tricks and solution given in this article will help you to solve the issue you face in the Telegram.

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