How To Open Blocked Telegram Channels on Android

How to access blocked channels on Telegram: In this post, we are going to provide step by step tutorial on how to access blocked telegram channels on android and iPhone. Before entering into the main matter, let’s know little bit about the Telegram channel and why they are getting banned by telegram officials. Telegram channels are designed to be read by a wider audience. They can communicate with what is published by the owner or any admin. Users are not allowed to freely chat with them, they can only read messages post by them. 

How To Open Blocked Telegram Channels on Android
How To Open Blocked Telegram Channels on Android 

All social messaging applications like Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.
have their own policies and terms & conditions to use to control or to regulate channels and groups on it. If you violate any of their policies or terms then they will immediately block your groups or channels. Basically, channels are a way to increase the number of your audience, which is why you need to build your audience and then send or share any news or messages. If you want to prevent your Telegram channel from blocking, then do not advertise or promote any pirated content, and also do not post or share any 18+ images or videos through your Telegram channel. Your channel will be blocked if your channel gets mass reports from your users. It is important to note that there is currently no system in place to access the blocked channels in the strict sense of the world. However, you can use some simple tricks that allow access anyway. Let’s go to the main thing and find out how to open telegram channels and how to access them equally even when it was locked on iPhone and Android app.

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How to access blocked channels of Telegram on Method:

  1. How to access blocked channels of Telegram on Android.
  2. How to re-open Telegram channel after block.

Method 1: 

How to access blocked channels of Telegram on Android:

If you want to access blocked Telegram channels on your android phone, you can follow the methods we explained for iPhone. Besides, you can also use a third-party application such as Nicegram to access the blocked channels. Nicegram is a helpful application related to Telegram, if you have already blocked a telegram channel, you can now start using this app to unblock your Telegram channel. 

Blocked channels of Telegram on Android.
 Blocked channels of Telegram on Android.

First, You need to download the apk file of Nicegram and install it on your Android phone just like any other application. I am sure that this app will help you to open blocked Telegram channels on Android or any other device like PC or Laptop as it is a proven way.

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Method 2

How to re-open Telegram channel after block:

If your channel permanently blocked by telegram then you need to appeal to the Telegram officials through ‘Support’. To do this you need to visit the official Telegram support page to contact them. On this support page, you should describe all your issue along with your Telegram channel and they will review your issue. If they found anything helpful, they can give you instructions to reopen your blocked channel within a day.

How to re-open Telegram channel after block
How to re-open Telegram channel after block

How to access blocked channels of Telegram on iPhone:

As an alternative to the method described previously, you can try accessing the blocked telegram channels on your iPhone by implementing the second method. However, you can only follow the channel you want to access if you are already subscribed to. Unfortunately, keep in mind that this questionable system may not always be effective. Let’s see the step-by-step guide to access blocked telegram channels on iPhone in an alternate way.

access blocked channels of Telegram on iPhone
How to access blocked channels of Telegram on iPhone

Step 1: To get started, pick up the iPhone, open it, access the home screen, and touch the Telegram utility icon.
Step 2: Now, select the conversation of the telegram channel which you want to access and wait for the message that the channel is blocked.
Step 3: At this point, close the Telegram app, go back to the home screen, tap the settings icon with gear and disable the Wi-Fi connection or cellular data connection depending on what is enabled on your device. Aside from the way I pointed out, you can also disable the Wi-Fi connection using the code provided in the Control Center by iOS. 
Step 4: To access the control center, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen on the iPhone X or scroll from bottom to top on other iPhone models. Then press the Wi-Fi icon and/or the phone data icon to change them to transparent color and disable Wi-Fi connection and data connection respectively.
Step 5: Now, open the Telegram app on your device again and select the dialog or conversation related to your preferred channel. If everything goes in the right direction you can finally access the content on it. However, unfortunately, when you re-enable the internet connection, the channel becomes inaccessible again.

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