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Make Money on Telegram: Hello telegram users, first of all, welcome to our telegram app guide blog. There are numerous ways on the Internet to monetize a channel on Telegram. There are plenty of other ways out there to make money online using social networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and etc. Similar to the above social networks you can also earn money from telegram channels and groups. The most important requirement to earn money online is followers for example Youtube subscribers and Facebook Followers. However, the telegram has an option to create channels and groups with unlimited members so if you have more members on your Telegram channels or Groups then you can easily make money on telegram.

Earn Money on Telegram
Earn Money on Telegram

Below are the best ways to earn money through telegram channels and groups. So keep reading this article and earn your money easily.

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Best Ways to Earn Money on Telegram

There are plenty of easy ways are there to make money using telegram channels and groups. Here we have listed the best methods to earn money using the telegram app. Use the below methods and earn money easily. Once use this method and share your experience with us. 

Make Money by Selling ads on Telegram Channels

This is a very popular option, especially in Russia, this is one of the top methods to earn money. You can sell ads from any advertisement networks like commission junction and etc.

selling ads on telegram channel

Companies and brands are eager to spend money on promoting their products so normally, ads are sold p2p, which means that channel administrators make a connection and then settle a deal, but some automated ads on the channels. Promote company brands on your telegram channels and get paid by the companies.

Subscription Fee Collection

The most popular model for paid subscription service in Telegram has two main areas.

One public channel with big followers. The other is a private channel or a supergroup with premium content. This is only available to paid subscribers.

In this model, the public channel is advertised. That includes ads, cross-ads, content marketing, and other strategies.

At the same time, In the private channel that is also really making a profit by providing value-added content for its users.

Did you know that Telegram does not have a built-in payload? This is why you will have to use a third-party service to make money. Invite Member - There is a membership bot site for paid telegram channels and groups.

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Earn Money on Telegram by Donations

As a content maker, you can monetize through ads, paid subscriptions, or donations.

In this model, you can allow followers to follow you after each release. Otherwise, a continuous donation can also be set up by the Patron.

Since tipping is already so popular on WeChat, the speed at the telegram as you speak is increasing.

Selling Your Products and Services

Don't think that paid subscriptions are the only thing you can sell through your telegram channel/group.

Basically, you can sell any product or service. Below are two examples to show this in action.

selling products on telegram channels

A freelance designer can run a popular telegram channel with design tips. Not only that but you can monetize the channel by selling Giggs.

A SAS company with a CRM product may run an educational telegram channel on customer relations. You can also monetize the channel by selling Sass subscriptions.

A toy brand can run a telegram channel with toy-related content i.e. videos, reviews, unboxing, etc. You can also make money by selling toys.

Just like running a public page on social media, marketers and brand owners are offered a variety of options.

Selling Third Party Products and Services

This is very similar to the previous model. However, in this case, you can sell third-party products or services.

Take, for example, some telegram channels with sneaker deals. They monitor online sneaker stores i.e. automate this area and if the price drops significantly, they create a post on the channel.


Here is a bag from Canada that made an interesting experiment. He announced on his technology channel TON i.e. Telegram Open Network a set of investors who rallied in the form of applications, in about 1.5 hours 1.5M i.e. without real money transfers.

Not only that but next he wanted to test if he could raise money, so he posted a post saying he doesn’t have a pool. The resulting test was very successful. It is amazing to see what you can do with technology and social interactions today.

Earn Money on Telegram Using Paid Posts

It's like selling ads. However in this case your posts will be paid almost 100%. A good example of this is the main work boards. Such work boards are in the form of telegram channels. It is used to pay a fixed fee for a job position. Such job boards can start by posting jobs from other websites. For that, you need to have content as you grow the audience. However, then HR managers can find them themselves.  These are all the top methods to earn money on telegram channels and groups. 


Overall, Telegram has a variety of monetization options at your fingertips. With the right strategy and a little patience, you can earn income from your telegram app anytime, anywhere. Feel free to ask your queries related to the above guide. Thanks for your visit.

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