How to make new nearby friends on Telegram

How to make new nearby friends on Telegram: Telegram is a feature-rich social media cum instant messaging application that lets you to create local groups with large members, add many contacts easily, and create channels with ownership rights and more.  Adding contacts from telegram is much easier. If you receive a message from unknown contacts, you will get an option at the top of the screen to add them to your contacts even if you do not know their phone number. If you want to stop the conversation, there is also a block button, which will prevent the user from contacting you again.

How to make new nearby friends on Telegram
How to make new nearby friends on Telegram

Make New Nearby Friends on Telegram:

If you want to connect with people near your place in the telegram, you can use the ‘People Nearby’ feature of the telegram to quickly exchange the contact information with nearby people. This feature is very for adding multiple people at once, rather than exchanging phone numbers individually, so you can quickly add a complete list of people.

Another astonishing feature of Telegram is Local groups. Once you or any user has created local groups, anyone in the proximity area can see the group with the help of the People Nearby option. This feature of telegram targets people who visit places, attend events,s or students in dormitories or in an apartment building. But really anyone can use it for any creative use they think. This post will give complete guidance on how to make new nearby friends on Telegram.

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Procedure to make new nearby people on Telegram:

If you want to know who is near you, you will enjoy this feature of Telegram. There is an option in the contact menu, i.e. ‘Add People Nearby’. This feature makes it possible to find other Telegram users nearby, and you can easily start chatting with them. These may be people in your contacts or strangers. It does not show users either. The prerequisite for discovery is that all users involved are actively open to this function. You do not have to worry about privacy, it remains secure. Just follow the given steps to add nearby people on Telegram.

Step 1: The first step is to enable device location. You need to turn on your device’s GPS and location to detect nearby people.

Enable Telegram Location
Enable Telegram Location

Step 2: Open Telegram from your home screen or app drawer. At the main interface of Telegram, tap on menu i.e. three lines icon at the upper left corner.
Step 3: Now, click on the ‘Contacts’ option from the list. And then click on the ‘Add People Nearby’ option which is second from the top.

Add People Nearby
Add People Nearby

Step 4: Once you click on that option, telegram will ask you to give permission to access your location in order to use this feature. You need to just click on ‘Allow’ from the popup window.

Step 5: Once you give permission to access, it will show you a list of Telegram users and groups in your Proximity area and you will also see how far they are from you. You can choose any as your wish. 

Create a Local Group
Create a Local Group
It also lets you create new local groups. You will see nearby groups by swiping down the screen. This means you will see groups created near your location. If you want to create the one then you need to just tap on ‘Create a Local Group’ on the same page.

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Benefits of using Telegram:

Telegram allows you to add multiple devices into a single account. So that you can receive messages on all of your devices. Moreover, it gives you the ability to remove the added devices individually or all at once.

  • You can send or receive messages on telegram without revealing your phone number by setting up your username as a nickname.
  • Telegram saves your all received files in the cloud at default. You can share files like photos, videos, audio messages up to 2 GB per file.
  • You can create channels on Telegram for one-way messaging that means only admins can post messages but any user of Telegram can able to create or subscribe to the channels.
  • Like Whatsapp, Telegram also lets you make voice and calls. But, you can’t able to make group video calls here.
  • Telegram has an instant view option that helps you to view web articles within the Telegram app. With this feature, you can view articles from mass media or blogs in a homogeneous manner.
  • One of the great features of Telegram is Bots which are Telegram accounts that can be operated by programs instead of humans.
  • There are more than twenty thousand stickers are available on Telegram, which is high resolution, more expressive, and cloud-based.
  • You can share your live location in a chat for 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours. You can stop sharing your live location at any time.

Social login feature of Telegram allows you to sign in to any third-party website with the username and profile picture of your Telegram account.

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