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Telegram Channels for Coding
Telegram Channels for Coding
Programming and coding is a very growing field for jobs so learn the latest technologies and earn more money by using your software skill. People are searching for the best telegram channels for programming so that they can get free developer tips and guides. We provide you the best list of telegram channels for software developers so read the complete post and join your favorite channel. Okay, let's get into the topic.

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Best Coding/Programming Telegram Channels

Linuxgram - News and info from the Linux world. Do you want to continue Linux updates? This channel will help you. 

Join - Linuxgram Programming Telegram Channel

The Art of Programming - If you want to master the code, you can learn more tricks. If you want to get useful information about programming, you need this channel.

Join - The Art of Programming Telegram Channel

Programming Tips - Useful coding tips from experts in the field through this channel. Fun & Useful Programming Tips Articles Resources Design Patterns.

Join - Programming Tips

Programmer jokes  - This channel will help you relax and have fun if you are seriously tired while saving the world from IT disaster.

Join - Programmer Jokes Telegram Channel

Machine learning World -The best machine learning telegram channel. Machine learning creates a buzz nowadays. You can learn more about its uniqueness from this channel. Features articles on ML courses, recent research, and Artificial Intelligence.

Join - Machine Learning World Channel

Computer Science and Programming  -  This channel will help you to learn more about artificial intelligence. There are machine and in-depth learning, computer vision, and Python development.

Join  - Computer Science and Programming

Technohacker  -  This channel will be a constantly updated channel with news covering Apple, Google, and Microsoft. 

Join  - Technohackers Telegram Channel

Computer Jokes  -  This is a channel dedicated to funny stories, pictures, and comics about the life of a programmer. 

Join  - Computer Jokes Telegram Channel

Tech Guide  -  Mobile, web, and technology-related topics can be found on this channel. Will be the source of your daily news.

Join  - Tech Guide Channel

Programming Ebooks  -  This channel is the ultimate source of ebooks for programmers, coders, software engineers, and more.

Join  - Programming Ebooks Telegram Channel

Programming Challenges  - When frustrated, this channel has some programming challenges to solve.

Join  - Programming Challenges

Telegram geeks  - The name of the channel seems to speak for itself. It makes it a place for geeks to learn more about bots, social networks, and technology. And if you want to discuss the news you read, Geeks Chat welcomes you.

Click to Join - Telegram Geeks Telegram Channel

Coding News  -  This channel is a source of great information about web development. Contains HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, React, Vue.js, Node.js etc. Used to read articles, watch videos, and find the best exercises for your situation.

Join - Coding News

Best Telegraph Channels for Programming Languages

There are plenty of free sources available on the internet to improve your programming skills. Telegram channel is one of the latest and best ways for learning new coding and technologies. Use the below-listed programming telegram channels and share your experience with us.

Python  -  Used to chat with fellow coders and share your knowledge. It also allows you to ask questions to get complete answers from fellow Python developers.

Join - Python 

C / C ++   -  It serves as an international team of C and C ++ developers to discuss assembling and debugging.

Join  - C/C++  Programming Telegram Channel

Awesome PHP  -  The community of talented PHP developers in other frameworks used to share their experience.

Join  -  Awesome PHP

The Best Mobile Application Developer Channels in Telegram

Software developers always need reference and resources to improve their developing skills.  There are many platforms available to increase your skill similarly you can use the telegram developers channels.  Join and follow the below telegram channels to get the latest tips and updates. 

iOS Dev   -  This channel is seen with very interesting details of iOS development with a strong emphasis on Swift.

Join   -  iOS Dev Telegram Channel

Android ResId  -  This telegram channel is used to showcase the best Android news, application artwork uniqueness, application development, and testing.

Join  -  Android ResId

Apple  -  This channel is used to bite the forbidden fruit of the apple, discuss the product, and detect leaks.

Join  - Apple Telegram Channel


All the channels mentioned above are the best telegram channels for Coding / Programming. We have also provided the link to those channels in this article. Choose the channels you want from these and learn to code.

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